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Completing this form is the fastest way to get help. Telephone support is NOT available at this time.

OFFICE HOURS ARE MON.-FRI. 8am-4pm (excluding holidays)

  1. I placed a CASH order but I won't be home. How can I switch to a CREDIT card order? You will need to place a new order with your credit card and your CASH order will need to be cancelled. A cancellation fee will still be incurred.
  2. I didn't get my confirmation e-mail. How can I confirm my order went through? To confirm if we received your order, sign into your account. Your order will appear under recent orders in your account's dashboard. If it's there, we received your order.
  3. I received an error message when ordering. What do I do?  Please provide the page you were on along with the error message you received in your message.
  4. What time is my oil getting delivered? We do not have the delivery schedule in our office. Your order will be delivered on the day you scheduled it for. We cannot provide a delivery time due to a large volume of orders
  5. I have a question about charges or refunds on my credit card, how can I contact you? Please use the form below and include your credit card questions.Please include the last name on the card and ONLY the last 4 digits of the card used.
  6. I ordered more oil than I was able to receive, when can I expect my refund? When the dealer updates your order as completed, your refund will be generated automatically. You do not need to contact us. Please allow approx. 5-7 business days for your bank to reflect it on your account.
PLEASE NOTE: Questions regarding delivery times cannot be answered with this form

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