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Nassau & Suffolk County  

Wise Choice Fuel      SAVE $6.00                    
PROMO CODE: 6FORWISE                    Expires: 3/31/2018

Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, NYC  SAVE $10.00

Northeastern Fuel Queens,Brooklyn,Bronx, NYC  Northeastern Fuel Staten Island
PROMO CODE: 10NEF                          Expires: 3/31/2018

Wise Choice Fuel Coupon Code - Promo Code on Coupon codes for cod fuel in NYC

New Jersey 

Direct Oil Delivery  SAVE $10.00 (100 gallons or more)  PROMO CODE: DIRECT10            Expires: 3/31/2018

Nassau, Queens, Parts of Suffolk   

D&G Fuel Oil          SAVE 6.00        
PROMO CODE: DGF6                   Expires: 3/31/2018
Cod Fuel NJ Direct Oil Delivery D&G Fuel Coupon Code on

Suffolk County  

Diamond Fuel     SAVE $5.00                    
PROMO CODE: GEM5                      Expires 3/31/2018

Bronx, NYC, Westchester   

A.C.S Oil Service       SAVE $5.00    
PROMO CODE: ACS5                      Expires: 3/31/2018     


COD FUEL Bronx, NYC, Westchester, ACS Oil Service

Suffolk County  

MNS Fuel     SAVE $5.00                    
PROMO CODE: MNS5                      Expires 3/31/2018

Suffolk County  

ProtoStar Energy   SAVE $5.00                    
PROMO CODE: PROTO5                      Expires 3/31/2018

MNS Fuel Protostar Energy on

Nassau & Suffolk County  

Eklund Park Utilities     SAVE $6.00                    
PROMO CODE: EPU6                      Expires 3/31/2018

Eklund Park Utilities on  






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