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John Franco of Codfuel.com

John Franco spent 30 years working in the oil industy. I've worked for small Mom & Pop oil company's and a large corporate oil company too. I started in the early 1980's sweeping the shop floor and cleaning tools for truck mechanics.

Over the years, I've learned all facets of each job in the oil company.

One of my first jobs after school was answering phones and taking orders for fuel oil.
Later, I learned how to deliver oil and I went to oil burner repair school.

A few years later, I became a licensed electrician and licensed plumber. I continued doing repair service and branched out to installing all types of heating equipment, water heaters and oil tanks.

Many years later, I learned how to do sales and sold new heating equipment and service contracts for a very large oil company. My heart was always with the small Mom & Pop outfits; they were more generous with their customers and loyal to their good employees. The one major issue back in the beginning was the small C.O.D oil company didn't get a fair chance going up against the big guys. The larger "full service" oil dealers would advertise negative ads against the small C.O.D guys, stating that they were not insured, they did not take credit cards, they weren't uniformed and were dishonest.

After I read the first large advertisement put out by the oil industry's "Institute" where they outright lied, I had to take action, and that's when Codfuel.com was born.

Several years later, the ads have stoped and they asked Codfuel.com to become a member (I refused)

Codfuel.com was created to give the small oil dealer a platform to compete with the "big boys". They didn't need to spend money on advertising or accept credit cards. We provided everything they needed in one website. Many years later, we still have the same mission. We've created some really great companies out of those small guys too! Not only are they still with us today, but they are well respected and still offer quality services through Codfuel.com.

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